Men's Western Traditional Bootcut Slim Jean

$36.94–56 $36.94–56
Navy Stretch
Size 28W x 32L 28W x 34L 29W x 34L 29W x 32L 29W x 36L 29W x 30L 30W x 34L 30W x 32L 30W x 36L 30W x 30L 31W x 30L 31W x 32L 31W x 36L 32W x 32L 32W x 36L 32W x 30L 32W x 34L 33W x 32L 33W x 34L 33W x 30L 33W x 36L 34W x 32L 34W x 30L 34W x 34L 34W x 36L 35W x 34L 35W x 30L 35W x 32L 35W x 36L 36W x 32L 36W x 30L 36W x 36L 36W x 34L 38W x 32L 38W x 30L 38W x 34L 40W x 32L 40W x 30L 40W x 34L 42W x 30L 42W x 32L
Cowboy cut stretch denim...the slim fit with a little give, We've added even more comfort to our signature western style, Enjoy a little bit of stretch along with all the styling details you love in our cowboy cut jeans