400/2000-Grit Whetstone Sharpener

$59.95 $75
When you want to restore the original edge on a dull blade, count on Wüsthof's dual-sided whetstone to get the job done. Start by using the coarse 400-grit side to quickly remove surface material from the blade edge, then smooth and sharpen the edge with the fine 2000-grit side.
  • Ideal for use with Wüsthof knives – ;and especially useful for sharpening very dull blades.
  • The 400-grit side removes nicks by gently shaving away surface material.
  • The 2000-grit side is perfect for finishing the blade with a smooth, razor-sharp edge.
  • Made in Germany by Wüsthof – ;a family-owned company famous for precision cutlery since 1814.