7-in. Classic Ikon Hollow Edge Santoku Knife With Sharpener

Size 7-in.
Wusthof's newest state of the art technology incorporates a new computer controlled method for putting the edge on Classic knives. This technology allows for an exacting edge from the tip of the knife down to the heel of the knife. With this newer precision, the knives are made sharper to 14 degrees per side for a total of 28 degrees. The knives are now sharper and this refinement increases the sharpness retention because exacting angles and edges last longer than edges sharpened by hand. The result is a knife that is 30% sharper and the ICP (Initial Cutting Performance) lasts twice as long. The hollow edge knife reduces drag and makes chopping, dicing and mincing effortless. Extremely sharp edge allows for slicing too. Comes with bonus sharpener.
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: 7-in.