Gourmet Knife Starter Set, 2 Pieces

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Size 2-piece set
Perfect knife set -- extra-sharp and balanced for efficient prep. The Wusthof knives in this starter set equip the chef with the necessary cutlery for effortless prep. Laser-cut to exacting standards from Wusthof's own high-carbon stainless-steel, the blades in this knife set maintain a sharp edge longer. The 4" utility knife penetrates tough skin on tomatoes and onions, cutting paper thin slices for sandwiches, medium or thick slices for hamburgers and panini. Precision-sharp point pierces thick rind on salami, pastrami or prosciutto for sandwiches. Expertly slices chorizo for skillet breakfasts or pepperoni to prepare pizza or calzones. The 8" chef's knife in this Wusthof Gourmet knife set is the kitchen's most versatile cutlery tool to slice, chop, mince or julienne vegetables and fruit. Slightly-curved blade allows the rocking motion for fast, accurate prep. Wide spine provides the strength to quickly mince herbs or garlic, and transfer ingredients from butcher block to bowl or skillet. Slices deli-thin meats precisely for platters. Pierces hard crust on bagels, English muffins or artisan bread, without crushing, to ensure even toasting and uniform slices for serving. This Wusthof Gourmet knife set features full tang for balance and strength. Triple-riveted ergonomic handle allows nonslip control. Dishwasher-safe. Lifetime manufacturer warranty. Since 1814, knives bearing the Wusthof name and the Trident logo have been crafted in the world's "Cutlery Capital", Solingen Germany. Today, in a state-of-the-art facility, that tradition of quality is ensured as old-world craftsmanship meets 21st century advanced technological production methods.
  • Perfect cutlery combination, balanced and sharp for efficient prep
  • Blade is laser-cut to exacting standards from high-carbon steel to maintain sharpness
  • 4" utility knife slices tomatoes and onions thin, medium or thick
  • Precision point pierces thick rind on meats to prepare sandwiches, skillet breakfasts or pizza
  • 8" chef's knife slices, chops or minces vegetables and fruits
  • Wide spine allows easy transfer from butcher block to bowl or skillet
  • Slightly-curved blade allows the rocking motion for fast accurate prep
  • Pierces hard crust on artisan bread, bagels and English muffins to slice, without crushing, and ensure even toasting
  • Full tang for balance and strength
  • Polypropylene handle is triple-riveted for durability and ergonomically contoured to provide a comfortable nonslip grip
  • Handcrafted in Germany since 1814, Wusthof cutlery is prized by the world's top chefs