Classic Soft Cheese Knife, 5"

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HAND MADE Especially designed for cutting softer cheeses like Camembert and Brie.Wüsthof Classic knives are precision-forged from a single piece of steel, with triple-riveted, ergonomic, full-tang handles designed in consultation with professional chefs.Full bolster helps protect fingers.Laser-controlled-and-tested cutting edge.Made in Germany.
  • Manufacturer: Wüsthof
  • Dimensions: 5"
  • Material: High-carbon steel
  • 5" soft cheese knife is designed for cutting cheeses like Camembert and Brie.
  • Precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon steel.
  • Triple-riveted, full-tang handle designed in consultation with professional chefs.
  • Ergonomic handle design reduces hand fatigue.
  • Full bolster helps protect fingers.
  • Laser-controlled and tested cutting edge for an incredibly sharp and uniform edge.
  • Made in Germany.