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Mono & Me Heart Bracelet - Fluorescent Orange and Black

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Heart is made of hand dyed cotton/nylon thread, a hand woven adjustable fluorescent orange cord meaning party, pleasure and happiness with a carved black howlite heart dangle. Adjustable and perfect with any stack! Mono & Me takes its inspiration from different cultures and combines this with modern design. Inspired by traditional rosaries, Mono & me symbolizes an ethnic fusion between Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. The brand was established in Barcelona, by the Swedish designer Camilla Brindfors. Each color has its own meaning including; RED: passion, sensitivity, love; BLUE: harmony, friendship, devotion; GREEN: hope, balance, youth; BEIGE: innocence, harmony, serenity; PINK: kindness, sensitivity, pleasure; BLACK: nobility, fidelity, seriousness; YELLOW: enjoyment, creativity, rich life; PURPLE: tranquility, dignity, confidence; ORANGE: party, pleasure, happiness; WHITE: innocence, harmony, serenity; GREY: modern, innovative. Mono & Me is more than just a fashion accessory it is the missing link to complete your look.