Induction Heating System Rice Cooker & Warmer

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The Induction Heating System Rice Cooker & Warmer uses a high-tech Induction Heating (IH) method to heat the inner cooking pan. Because of this new heating method, rice cooks exceptionally well.
  • The cooker features an easy-to-clean clear coated stainless steel exterior, healthy cooking options such as brown rice, GABA brown and germinated brown rice settings, and an interchangeable melody and beep signal
  • Multiple menu cooking functions include white (regular, softer or harder), mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown and quick cooking
  • Other features include automatic keep warm, extra large LCD display for Clock and Timer functions and detachable inner lid
  • Measures 8"L x 14"W x 10"H
  • 5.5-cup capacity