Umami Rice Cooker

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Automatically adjusts cooking lengths and temperatures to prepare every style of rice-sweet, brown, GABA brown and more. Advanced fuzzy logic, micro-computerized technology features 9 rice settings: white, umami, mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free rice and quick cook. Umami setting changes the starch within rice from beta starch to alpha starch to produce sweet, fluffy and soft rice. Soaks and steams rice longer for enhanced depth of flavor and nutrition. Unlike conventional rice cookers, the soaking and steaming times before and after cooking are preprogrammed for absolute accuracy. Excels above the sweet, sour, salty or bitter taste levels to ensure authentic rice flavor and richness. Brings out savory umami, considered to be the 5th category of taste. Also includes slow cook function up to 4 hours in advance, automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheat. LCD control panel with clock and easy-set timer functions. Delay timer with 2 settings. Includes spherical, nonstick aluminum cooking pan, spatula and holder, measuring cups for white rice and rinse-free rice. Instruction booklet with recipes, including sushi, sweet rice with adzuki beans, beef soup and more. Detachable, washable lid