Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker and Warmer, 51⁄2 cup

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Equipped with superior induction-heating and pressure-cooking technology, this 51⁄2-cup rice cooker and warmer evenly distributes heat to ensure perfectly cooked rice every time. Choose from a variety of menu settings, including white (regular, softer, or harder), mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet, brown, GABA brown, rinse-free and quick cooking. Manufacturer: Zojirushi Includes: Rice spatula, spatula holder, two measuring cups Material: Clear-coated stainless steel exterior; stainless steel pan with nonstick coating Care: Wipe with damp sponge; soak pan and wash with sponge Dimensions: 4.2" x 7.9" x 9.9" Capacity: 51⁄2-cup capacity Warranty: One-year limited warranty