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Hi! I am the creator and owner of doubleyourportion.com, a website that focuses on living life to the fullest, one smart decision at a time. I personally find great joy in planning and researching to maximize my enjoyment in life. I seek to share my fabulous finds with my readers so they, too, can live life to the fullest! With honesty and transparency, I share my tips with readers on how you can travel, dress, and live life to the fullest luxuriously without breaking the bank IF you make smart, informed decisions. With a focus on fashion and travel for the whole family, my blog has something for everyone! I've always loved beautiful things, and I love helping everyone feel their most fabulous in their own skin. I hope you enjoy my fashion shares. My passion is showing the world you can have a celebrity look without the celeb body or budget!

Visit: http://www.doubleyourportion.com

Height: 5'4"

Usually Wears: Size 6