MISS FAUXY is a pragmatic and loving lady but definitely a feisty female and at the same time a cruelty free VEGAN. I'm also medically a Gluten free coeliac also know as celiac disease hence my products. In Dutch we call it coeliakie. So i must consume "free from all otherwise i will become very ill we don't want that now do we? So how on earth would i be able to influence you properly if i can't take care of myself so my condition isn't a hype. I'm also very Sustainable #vegan. As you know my life is bundled into Miss Fauxy (Join Jens Journey back then and still a Fauxy Vegan). I’m moving forward in a dramatic and enriching life and experiencing huge and small obstacles on my way. I'm living with two auto immune diseases and many chronical disorders from birth. I think I’m still cool to be here and i thank Shopstyle Collective for giving me a chance! There ain’t no mountain high enough for me darlings. So no matter what happens in life first try to smile, create your happiness but tranquilo. We must move on, be more loving, accept others and try to look beautiful, sexy and younger! I’m giving it a go! Follow me love you! Please follow me all my "sisters" too. Jennifer Kisten(updated December 2020) Stay safe, be you, love back.