20-11-2020! When I’m in AmsterdN I only visit vegan fast food restaurants and I feel free to do what i want. I also run around and cycle in loose clothing! I’m wearing totally cotton! I also collected from Tommy Hilfiger whos also gone vegan same with Calvin Klein I will collect from him too as I’m a pragmatic vegan!. I tend to recycle my clothing! I hope you get inpired and purchase cotton and Vegan wear in 2020! Pants @hm Shoes: @hm Sunshades by : @hm Blouse is old: from my wardrobe in South Africa @desigual Bag also old: @truworthsfashion I wrote to many stores 20+ yrs already to become totally #Vegan Jen is a pragmatic vegan! Btw its my birthday on #TDOR. First on Shopstyle right? day!ShopStyle #MyShopStyle #LooksChallenge #Holiday #Winter #Lifestyle #TrendToWatch #Travel #Vacation #Mens #PlusSize #Petite

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