I collected all kinds of seaweed products for you and I also eat it! If you’re a Coeliac/Celiac like I am then you can’t eat wheat neither gluten! This is glutenfree! I am also a vegan normally I will miss out on vital vitamins but not when I snack on seaweed! I know it sounds boring I also eat potato and corn chips but I also eat this! I suggest SEAWEED as its full of vitamins and nutrients and will show on your blood test as having IRON, CALCIUM, B12 but especially OMEGA 3! I don’t eat fish anymore either! If you’re still wondering how old I am well I’m 53+ so I can influencer you properly as I m living proof! I adjust to life as I’m a chronic case but also a beautiful case! I don’t use tuning or photoshopping this is the real deal see my other posts for gorgeous photo’s of me, my legs, skin, hair etc! Hugs kiss kiss Jennifer Kisten (Miss Fauxy) #ShopStyle #MyShopStyle #ContributingEditor #Winter #Holiday #Beauty #Fitness #Party #Lifestyle #TrendToWatch #Travel #Vacation #Mens #PlusSize #Petite