Bedroom décor you need for the perfect night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy, but you can help set yourself up for quality rest with the right bedroom décor. We’ve gathered the items you need to send you drifting off to dreamland. 

Creating a relaxing space you’re excited to spend time in is key to catching Zzz’s, and bedding and pillows that make your space comfy and cozy are essential. We’re loving sustainable bedding and organic textiles, and when paired with layered pillows, you’ll have your own sleeping sanctuary. Establishing the right amount of light, or lack thereof, is crucial to making your bedroom ready for sleepy time. Set the mood by turning off bright lights in favor of a soft glow from a salt lamp. Not only will the lamp add a decorative element, it’ll bring a calming vibe to your bedroom, too. Blackout shades are also a must-buy, and you’ll find our top picks below. 

Continue on to start shopping for bedroom décor that’ll deliver sweet dreams.

Organic Bedding

Layered Pillows

Salt Lamps

Black-out Shades

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