How to Wear Denim this Summer

Wearing denim on denim can be tricky, but Justin Livingston, Shopstyle Influencer shows us how to wear denim on denim and still feel cool this summer. There are so many ways we can style a denim piece this summer, check out some our top picks that are trending this summer.


Summer is not all about shirts and shorts, don't forget to accessories with a classic denim jacket, white wash, dark wash or even a white denim. Can't go wrong with either or, but just know denim jackets are the perfect layering for this summer.


Styles, styles and styles, we can't begin to explain the amount of styles we can wear when it comes to denim jeans-- whether it's straight leg, relaxed fit or slim denim we have a variety for you to pick from.


Whether it's a print, solid color, or polo we all need that go to shirt to wear this summer.


The sneakers that can be worn with jeans, suits, shorts, and anything else.

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