5 Summer Essentials We Can’t Wait to Wear

It's time to stock up your closet with these summer essentials, and although it can be a huge challenge, our very own Shopstyle Influencer, Hellohis shows us how to stay "cool" this summer. With the hot weather rolling in and long summer nights, a classic shirts, tailored shorts and a lightweight jacket is our summer essentials that every guy needs this summer.


A basic T-shirt will always go a long ways. Check out our fun, classic and essential t-shirts that can be dressed for either day or night.


We're needing that perfect pair of tailored shorts for those warm days or nights that you can dress up with a polo shirt and loafers, or keep them casual with tees and sneakers.


We're needing that perfect pair of chino pants that you can dress up with a polo shirt and loafers, or keep them casual with tees and sneakers.


We can't forget about those crisp nights, complete your look with a trendy light weight trench jacket.


These shoes pair perfectly with jeans, shorts, and everything else.

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