Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard This Election Season

The election may not be until November 3 but the deadline to register for many states is next week (see here for a list of deadlines by state). Your voice matters but your vote only counts if you’re registered. Regardless of your political affiliation make your voice heard by registering to vote at any of the links below and spreading the word. We’ll be sharing more resources in the upcoming month and in the meantime we’ll be rocking our VOTE sweatshirt and face mask with pride.

The Coolest Fashion Items That Promote Voting This Year

With the election so near, there are tons of new fashion items celebrating and encouraging the right to vote, and many of the options happen to be exceptionally cool! Having looked at hundreds of options we've narrowed it down to a few favorites for you, many of which donate a portion of proceeds or profits from sales to worthy causes.

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