Are Tevas the It-Girl Sandals of the Summer?


The sandals designed for the great outdoors has joined the ranks of fashionable footwear and has become a must-have piece for the summer.


Pair your Tevas with a summer dress for a fun weekend look!

A bag for every you

Pair your look with another summer staple piece – the straw bag.

UV Ray Protective Gear

Your summer outfit isn't complete with a few chic sun protecting accessories.

Could Tevas, the sandals made for the great outdoors, be the shoe of the summer for 2019? Several designers are betting on it and have created their own stylish versions of the sporty sandal! While prices can range up to $600 for a cool designer pair, there are plenty of under-$100 offerings that nail the trend perfectly. With that in mind, consider the hunt for a perfectly cool pair of summer sandals is officially over.

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